The gang goes to Tahiti.

Red Dead Redemption 2 spoof.  No explicit spoilers, but I recommend playing the actual game before any of this nonsense.

Developed (more-or-less) along with Global Game Jam 2019.  Made with Fungus.  Inspired by Rockstar.  Fueled by insanity passion.

Sound credits:

Tropical Stinger: "Copyright © 2011 Varazuvi™"

Gunshots: hutsvoid

Fire: Dynamicell

Music by clivew

The rest under Creative Commons 0 License

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
AuthorLiz Fiacco
Made withUnity
TagsFarming, satire, Western


Van Der Linde Farms - PC 41 MB


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"I have a plan I just need mangos." -Dutch Van Der Linde

I love this omg, but it has a weird glitch? in the browser version if I leave the game the plants won't grow passed sapling?

if you download, it won't show the funds, and leaving and loading the plants won't grow passed saplings and it won't grow any more mangoes

Oh whack!  When you say leave the game, do you mean like changing which window is selected, closing the game, or letting your computer sleep...?  For how long are you leaving it- minutes, hours or days?

Hopefully you can work around it 😅 Since I made it in just a few days, I'm not surprised the timer/loading isn't very robust.

Closing the game! Exiting the tab or the window, whenever I have to load back in is when it happens. Any amount of time, I accidentally closed the wrong tab and reopened it and loaded back in and it happened.

But sam hill only a few days? That's impressive, I love this!


Oh shoot!  Yeah, I'm sorry reloading doesn't work as expected! :c  I'll test that more thoroughly next jam! And yeah, lol, I made it for a game jam a few days after I finished rdr2!

If you can manage to keep the tab open, or the application running in the background, the timers should work okay!  There is a secret ending if you're patient (don't let Dutch think about any plans!), but even that should only take around an hour.  ^__^  Good luck!

That's damn impressive holy hell!

There is? This time I haven't gotten any 'plans' and I was like ?? so maybe I'll get it! Thank you dude <3 I love this and when I found it I was like HOLYOMYGODREDDEADGAME AHHHH

aaaaa ive been waiting for someone to do an rdr2 thing !! love the music!

Thanks!  Yeah, that game blew me away, this tribute was a delight to make. ^__^